Window cleaners for Coalville & Whitwick

Window Cleaners for Coalville & Whitwick

Storm Window Cleaners work in the areas of Coalville & Whitwick, cleaning the residential domestic homes of local residents. Our professional window cleaners can provide both a traditional window cleaning or alternativey the latest ‘Pure Water’ pole with brush cleaning service. This allows both the window frame, window glazing and sill to be cleaned with 100% Pure Water. This type of Pure water has gone through a ‘Reverse Osmosis’ process – removing all of the minerals and contaminants. When this pure water is applied to your window, all dirt and debris is attracted to it. This provides a chemical free and highly effective method to clean all of your windows. As the water is completely pure with no minerals or contaminants – when rinsed thoroughly your windows and frames will dry totally spot free and smear free. At Storm Window Cleaning & Maintenace – we work with residential homes and commercial businesses, helping them clean and maintain their commercial premises. We work across Leicester, East Midlands, South Derbyshire, West Midlands & Warickshire.

Traditional Window Cleaners
for Coalville & Whitwick

Traditional Window Cleaning – Coalville & Whitwick

 The traditional Window cleaning technique uses the window cleaners traditional tools like, the scrim cloth, applicator, squeegee blade and ladders. This hands on approach is still an excellent way to clean your windows. 

Why do I see so many window cleaners using long poles with brushes & long hose pipes?

Due to the dangerous nature of using ladders it is becomming less common to use the traditional window cleaning techniques. Strict Health & Safety laws and increased insurance costs is tempting window cleaners to use other methods. This, combined with the design of new housing estates, makes it very difficult to access some windows to carry out cleaning & maintenance. Therefore, pure water systems are fast becomming the go to choice for many window cleaners.

Do you still offer this traditional window cleaning service?

We will can still clean windows using the traditional way, if required by the customer, but we tend to prefer if possible to use the combination method – as a great compromise in using both window cleaning systems.

Combination Window Cleaners
for Coalville & Whitwick

Window cleaning company serving Coalville & Whitwick Leicestershire

Traditional Window Cleaning – Coalville & Whitwick

Sometimes the combination of both window cleaning methods is a great compromise. Subject to the nature and layout of the windows on your property, our window cleaner can recommend the best solution to fulfill your requirements.

Using this method we can use a traditional window cleaning technique for easy access windows, and for all of the difficult and hard to reach areas we can use ‘Reach & Wash’ window cleaning tools. This way we achieve the best of using both window cleaning methods.

  • Free no obligation quote to clean your property.
  • A ladderless pure water window cleaning service.
  • Experienced commercial & residential window cleaners.
  • We also clean your frames and sills as standard.
  • Long reach water fed cleaning brushes for cleaning up to 55 feet (4-5 storeys).
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Public liability insurance


Reach & Wash – Pure Water Window Cleaners
for Coalville & Whitwick


Pure Water ‘Reach & Wash’ Window Cleaning for Coalville & Whitwick

At Storm Window Cleaning & Maintenance we use the latest Pure Water window cleaning systems to clean your windows. This is sometimes commonly known as ‘Reach & Wash’ window cleaning. Water is put through a specialist machine which contains a series of up to 6 filters. These filters contain different materials from carbon to cocanut husks. There is also a specialist Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter and DI resin filters. 

Do you still offer this traditional window cleaning service?

All of these filters remove all of the various minerals, heavy metals & contaminants in the water – making it completely pure. This water is stored in both van mounted pure water systems & also mobile cart mounted systems to clean your windows. The water is pupmed out along hoses and up a telescopic pole with a brush at the end. The window cleaner uses this brush and pure water to clean your windows. The brushes come in a variety of sizes & bristle strengths. We like to use soft brushes to gently clean all of your windows and delicate UPVC window frames.

Reach & Wash window cleaning systems used in Coalville & Whitwick Leicestershire

Window Cleaning whilst keeping your Privacy in Coalville & Whitwick

The Reach & Wash window cleaning system also allows privacy and dignity for you the home owner. Whether you are using the bathroom or still in bed, or getting dressed – your total privacy is assured. Using this method – gone are the days when the window cleaner using ladders, suddenly appears at your upstairs windows.Now – its just a ‘pure water’ cleaning brush.

Window cleaners for Coalville & Whitwick Leicestershire

Window Cleaning inaccessible windows 
in Coalville & Whitwick

This system allows the window cleaner to access even the most inaccessible of windows. Windows above extensions and conservatories, Velux roof windows and conservatory roofs can be cleaned with ease. Our window cleaners can clean upto 4 storey windows using our extending window cleaning water fed poles. this is a staggering 55 feet in total.

What if you can not get your window cleaning van near my property? Can you still clean my windows?

At some locations it is difficult to get the van close to the property. We would have to trail hose pipes over a great distance, along paths and accross roads. These could pose a potential trip hazard to you and your neighbours. In these instances, we have trolley mounted systems, which we decant pure water into. We then use these trollies which have an onboard 12v battery and a water purmp – to carry out window cleaning at your property.



Professional Window Cleaning Service
for Coalville & Whitwick


Professional Window Cleaning Service – Coalville & Whitwick

A Local, Reliable & Affordable Window Cleaning Service for all residents living in the Coalville & Burbage areas. If you need any more information or would like a no obligation quote – please just call or email us – and we can arrange to drop by. We also work in the areas of Ashby de la zouch, Hinckley & Burbage, Market Bosworth, Desford & Newbold Verdon, Kirby Muxloe and Shepshed areas – to name just a few of the villages & towns throughout Leicestershire & South Derbyshire.

Do you provide any other services - other than window cleaning?

We can also quote for Gutter Cleaning, UPVC soffits and Fascias boards & Conservatory Cleaning. We also offer a High pressure cleaning service to clean your Patios, Driveways, Paths & Blockpaving. We also clean Solar panels to ensure your roof mounted solar panels are running at optimum efficiency. Contact us for a quote on any of these other services. We would only be too happy to help maintain your property to the highest standards.